And and and

August 23 2006

This has been discussed a bit in the Lotus Partner Forum over the last few days, and it seems like a good thing to surface here.

In Notes "Hannover", the default search behavior will assume AND searches, as in a search entered as Thomas Gumz Lotus will search for Thomas AND Gumz AND Lotus.  In Notes 7 and prior, it would search for the literal "Thomas Gumz Lotus" string.  That search is still possible using quotes, but is no longer the default.  The search engine isn't changing, only the UI.  And of course, you can change it back...

Image:And and and

In the Partner Forum discussion there's been some angst about changing default behavior, and about the fact that true boolean logic requires the AND operators.  The reality is that since every search engine that people use every day (like google) does this assumed AND behavior, this is a place where Notes "Hannover" will be more in-line with user expectations than Notes is today.

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