Andrew has written up the results of his analysis of a problem best remembered as the subject of the "vicarious and omnipotent support" threads several weeks ago.  He's also posted this analysis in the Lotus Partner Forum.  Andrew says:

PLEASE read this, and if you can confirm the observations I've made, contradict any, or add thoughts to the theory or resolution ideas -- it would be of great value.

BTW: I am aware of at least one IBM person working on this problem. As a courtesy, I will not mention the person's name as they are not a frequent poster on this forum [Lotus Partner Forum] and may not want a bunch of emails. I'll pass along anything you have to add which confirms or contradicts whats in this note.
Lotus Field Support Services has also been out to see a customer reporting this issue.  I've been told by senior developers that there is a fix in 6.5.4 designed to try to address this, but Andrew has some solid recommendations (/workarounds) to consider.
Link: Andrew Pollack: About the intermittent time-out issue... >

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