Earlier today, I wrote about significant changes to the way IBM sells Lotus Notes and Domino in blog entries announcing free Domino Designer and the new Client Access License model for Domino.  In part three, I'd like to talk about other changes to our licensing and offerings in the Notes/Domino family.

In today's announcement of the new CAL model, one additional feature is the inclusion of the Lotus Mobile Connect client license in the Lotus Domino Enterprise Client Access License.  Mobile Connect is a secure VPN solution; if you are a Notes/iNotes Collaboration customer or CEO Communications customer, or buy the new Enterprise CALs, you'll receive entitlement to the Mobile Connect client.  All you'll need to buy is the LMC server component to have a complete VPN -- for desktop, browser, and even a client-less option for mobile device users.  See how that fits with the new CAL model?  We don't care what client you are using, we want to provide you the tools needed to have a complete -- and secure -- collaboration environment.

I also want to reiterate that the biggest value-add today for Notes customers is the free distribution of Domino Designer.  Designer costs US$864 at published prices, with a maintenance renewal of over US$200.  That value is now available to all Enterprise CAL licensees (at a much lower price point), from the power user to the line of business to the professional programmer.  Combined with the Mobile Connect client license, and the ongoing Symphony/Quickr Entry/Sametime Entry entitlements, there is a ton of linked value in the Enterprise CAL.

That concludes my three-part introduction to Notes/Domino 8.5.1 -- and I haven't even talked about the technology yet, from the iPhone support in Traveler to the new Eclipse Lotuscript Editor to the Notes UI improvements to the further enhancements in DAOS.  There's plenty of time to cover those; for now, I'd like to thank you for your support and encouragement -- without all your input, for the last many years, my team and I would not have had the confidence to go forward with these game-changing decisions.  From your comments today, it appears they were the right ones -- and, of course, we'll have more where those came from.

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