I pasted this graphic into an e-mail earlier today.  

Image:Another 8.0.2 ini file feature: Only 25K!

After sending the mail, by rote, I went into my sent view and prepared to edit the sent document, removing the graphic in order to cut down on the size of my mailbox.  What a surprise when I looked in the sent view and found that the size of the outbound message was only 25K!  (I did it a second time, just to be sure my eyes weren't deceiving me).  In the past, that message would have been several hundred KB or even 1 MB or more.

Upon further investigation, I found that yet another space- and cost-saving feature from the 8.5 codestream made it into 8.0.2 -- "compress images pasted into documents".  Both Chris Miller and Ulrich Krause wrote about this as an 8.5 feature...but most may not have realized the feature is available in 8.0.2 as well.  It's not visible in the 8.0.2 preferences, but you can enable it through an ini setting:


No, I am not trying to become the authoritative source on Notes INI settings.  Just finding out about some cool ones.

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