Very in line with some of the work we have been doing with Apple lately...

Apple now has Intel Inside. A larger number of business-oriented apps like Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes now run on Mac OS X, and the increasing number of web applications make the operating system an afterthought for many users. The iPhone is not only the sexiest smartphone around, it's one of the most popular. Most importantly, Macs can do Windows, either through Boot Camp or virtualization. So times have definitely changed, but have they changed enough to get Apple anything more than a toehold into the enterprise?  

Some new data from the Information Technology Intelligence Corp. shows that all of these factors have had an impact on Apple's enterprise uptake. ITIC surveyed 700 IT managers and executives and discovered that 80 percent of the respondents had Macs in their corporate environment. Half of those taking the survey said they were ramping up their iPhone integration over and against the popular BlackBerry. And around 30 percent of them are running Windows on their Macs via virtualization products such as VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop.
Link: ars technica:Analysis: Is Apple about to have an enterprise moment? >

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