ArsTechnica ran a story last week about the IBM productivity editors announcement.  (Story link: IBM wants to take a bite out of Office).  That's all fine, but if you want to see something fascinating, take a look at the Forum discussion.  This makes slashdot look tame.  Sample quotes:

  • "Notes is spectacular crap."
  • "Notes makes both IT staff hate it AND the end users. It succeeds in making everyone hate it essentially!"
  • "If IBM expects to bite a chunk out of Office with Lotus Notes, then IBM is about to get some extensive dental surgery ... without anesthesia."
  • "Notes for email is so obnoxious. Templates and replications are horrible horrible ideas. Location docs and connection docs!?! Seriously, who expects their users to know this stuff?"
  • "bloated POS is an understatement"
What's interesting is that late in the thread, a few Notes proponents chime in with links to current reviews, "Hannover" information, and some case studies.  All of a sudden, the trolls are silent.


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