Good news! Starting this week, AT&T mobile subscribers will have a way to install third-party Android applications such as Lotus Notes Traveler on their devices without passing through the Android Market. AT&T is making device updates to their devices during the course of this week, including HTC and Samsung devices while Motorola and tablet devices will follow.

AT&T's policy change on this came as a direct result of IBM and customer efforts to lift some of the platform restrictions. While we understood why AT&T had chosen to lock down their Android implementation more than other mobile carriers, it was clearly an inhibitor to the platform's adoption in the enterprise.

Android is an increasingly important mobile platform. Recently, the mobile design team blogged about some of the improvements planned for Notes Traveler 8.5.3 on Android. While the ideation on that blog entry has ended, you can get an idea of what's planned and what is under consideration for future releases.

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