Au revoir, Australia!

November 9 2007

Getting ready for the 22-hour journey home to Chicago.  It's been a great week in Oz -- a great time of year to visit, a great set of customer and business partner meetings, and some real Aussie experiences.  It was good to see old friends (Simon, I owe you a reply mail) and meet new ones.  I also appreciate the offers for hospitality that I wasn't able to take advantage of.

For those who weren't in today's meeting in Melbourne, Jonathan Stern uttered a word that many of you have longed to hear again -- "Fusion".  Yes, we're actually talking about doing it again in 2008.  The questions he asked were, 1) would you attend (yes, mostly) and then 2) would you pay a fee to attend (some hands, I'm sure many would want to know at what cost).  Any such fee would be in line with the size and scope of the event.  Anyway, it's good to be having the conversation, and yes, if it happens, I'll be there.

Some great discussions in progress on the last few blogging topics, and I've got plenty more ideas to get out of my head and into this website in the next few days.  G'day!

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