AustralianIT attempts to take the hype factor down a notch towards reality...

The iPhone, after all, has an extremely high lust-after factor, and people, from the average punter to big end of town executives, can't wait to sample it when it hits Australia on July 11.

Two key stumbling blocks for iPhone adoption in the corporate arena are security -- especially for the push email component -- and compatibility with other enterprise applications such as SAP.

Qantas CIO Jamila Gordon says more work is needed to convince her that the iPhone is on par with the BlackBerry. "The BlackBerry is a tool we use all across our organisation. We haven't tested the iPhone yet because it isn't a priority."

Qantas isn't in a rush to examine the iPhone and that decision appears to be well-founded, as recent research by Gartner reveals that Apple still has a long way to go before it catches up with the BlackBerry in security.

"For a platform to be considered mature, many security advocates require at least two things: time to let the platform percolate within the community of hackers to demonstrate it can resist threats," Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney writes in a research paper, and "access to the platform's insides by third parties, which can assess whether additional add-on measures are required to make the platform secure".
The article then goes on to acknowledge that this is a when, not if, question, but that questions about when do remain.

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