In just a few weeks, I will be in Europe for two Italian editions of the Lotus Collaboration Summit -- Milano on October 8 and Roma on October 10.  Since this may be my last trip to Europe during 2007, I want to make the best of it.  Thus, I'm working with my regional colleagues to identify possible other stops in Europe that week.  

As the date gets closer, though, I thought it might be worth trying availablogging again -- a technique I used a couple of times last year to find worthwhile additional customers to visit while in Europe.  

The offer is simple.  With a good reason, and a convenient airport, and I'll come visit.  The available dates are Thursday, October 11, and possibly Friday, October 12.

What would be worthwhile?  Lots of things.  Talking about plans to roll out Notes 8.  Reasons to upgrade.  Defending an existing Notes/Domino environment.  Learning about business problems solved by Notes/Domino applications.  Examining how you use Notes integrated with other systems.  Considering the roadmap for Notes and Domino and Lotus's strategy.

As mentioned, the same call has gone out to the IBM regional team,  So, there will probably be a few options.  Contact me through a blog comment, an e-mail @ work (ed_brill at, or find me online.  I'd sure like to get this itinerary finalized in the next week or so -- flight options are disappearing fast on me.

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