Bags and belts save Ben

February 9 2005

Ben Rose has walked away from a big three-car pileup with only a few minor injuries.

All the safety devices functioned perfectly on my car. Before I even knew I'd hit her, the airbags were fully inflated on both sides of the car and my seat-belt pre-tensioner had pulled me right back into the seat. So tight, my body never left the seatback minimising whiplash. ...Credit to modern cars, I'm a lot better that I could have been. In an older car I guess the damage would have been a lot worse along with the injuries. I've seen people get friction and heat burns from airbags and stuff, but my nose never even touched it due to the excellent seatbelt system.
I credit the same safety devices for being able to walk away with only a bloody nose from a very similar collision in 1998.  The thought of travelling in a vehicle without a seatbelt is inconceivable to much so that when I took the commuter rail the other day, I felt awkward sitting in a moving vehicle unbelted.

Glad you are ok, Ben!  Isn't it time for you to buy a Toyota/Lexus now?

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