Bah, humbug

December 20 2006

In my e-mail today --
An e-mail from a customer (via a partner) asking if the rumor is true that IBM is going to stop supporting the Notes client after release 8.  

, the rumor is not true.  IBM has made public commitments to two subsequent releases after that.  There's a whitepaper that has been published for months on the Notes/Domino roadmap.  But it seems that for as long as I've been at Lotus, there's always been this rumor that the next version is the last version, and no matter how much IBM publishes roadmaps, makes public pronouncements, or discusses directions, it persists.

In my e-mail a few weeks ago --
An e-mail from a customer saying that there was a rumor going around that LotusScript would no longer be supported in Notes 8.

the rumor is not true.  The question that I asked in response was, what evidence exists to support this rumor?  It was a week or so before beta 1 of Notes/Domino 8, but even at that point, everything that had been published about Notes/Domino 8 made it clear that "Hannover" = Notes.

Maybe I've been on the vendor side of IT for too long, but what I want to know is, how do these rumors even get legs?  I mean, there's no basis in historical action or fact for either of these rumors.  Yet in both cases, someone in an IT organization felt it necessary to go to the vendor directly to answer.  Why why why?

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