Via Julian and Keith, I've been pointed to a SharePoint community blog that offers up a SharePoint Price Calculator.

While you can quarrel with the inclusion of some of the individual line items, and some customers could argue that they already own some of the pieces, it's a very simple way to see exactly how many moving parts are needed to run SharePoint.  Windows licenses, SQL Server licenses, base and enterprise CALs.  It certainly shoots down the idea that SharePoint is "free".  And this is a one-time snapshot... a customer who wants to buy MS Software Assurance, support, or upgrades will obviously pay more over time.

Image:Bamboo Nation: SharePoint Price Calculator

The calculator is pretty flexible in terms of being able to turn on or off various options.  Not everyone is going to connect external parties (customers/partners/suppliers) into SharePoint, nor will everyone be going with the Forms tool.  But the basics themselves are expensive, and at least with this tool, you can see a truer cost.

Link: Bamboo Nation: SharePoint Price Calculator >

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