CRN's Barbara Darrow has done an effective analysis of the state-of-the-state of Exchange at Microsoft.  Barb, are you writing my Lotusphere presentation for me? Thanks!

Sources at Microsoft have said for some time that key personnel are fleeing the e-mail server effort because it wasn't seen as "strategic."

Indeed, a lot of the workgroup/groupware/add-your-favorite-collaboration-connoting-buzzword-here stuff that had been promised for Exchange back in the day, ended up in SharePoint Portal Server and then in the Windows SharePoint Services instead. Exchange never became the collaborative development environment Microsoft once said it would be.

If you don't believe it, ask the ISVs who were so miffed at Lotus' inattention that they fled the Notes/Domino coop for Exchange only to find Microsoft stranded them too. Talk about a rough couple of years.

And yet ... there are signs that Microsoft big wigs are paying more attention to Exchange.
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