Ben Rose writes:

Lotus Notes User Group UK is now officially launched and we have a domain name

If you'd like to join up, help out or just get further details, take a look at the site and/or give me a shout.
I will be well-pleased to see a re-born effort around a Notes/Domino user group in the UK become successful.  Perhaps this might even merit a trip across the pond.  UK readers, please surf over to the new UG domain site and provide input on the type, frequency, etc. of meetings you'd like to do.

Interestingly, one of Ben's suggestions is meeting in off-the-wall places.  The Pittsburgh user group that I spoke to last week seems to have that in mind.  The meeting was held in the event room at a sports bar/entertainment center called North Park Clubhouse.  I thought I was going to have to win sixty tickets in order to get out of there alive. At least I managed to claim the plaze. :)

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