"Best Lotusphere ever"

January 28 2005

In the comments on the previous posting, David Bailey said, "This year was the best!"  This feedback was fairly consistent last night -- among customers, partners, and colleagues.  Almost everything seemed to work this year -- messages, technology, speakers.  A huge shout-out to my colleagues on the content team -- the core team of Kristin, Ragan, and Roy, as well as the dozen or more people who helped us (yes, including you, Rocky) -- for putting together such a great show.  

From special events like the innovator's panel and "Gurupalooza", to new speakers from the partner/blogging community and Lotus field support services, to the Workplace Forum subevent, the content was clearly the most compelling we've put together in a long time.  Almost all the session were well-attended -- we didn't really need to turn anyone away, but the rooms were really full for every session.  The evaluations, with maybe three session exceptions, were mostly excellent.  The bottom line -- as we gathered on the 20th floor last night following the closing session (did Steven Wright really say "snatches"?), the Lotusphere production team realized that only one thing was missing this year -- no controversy.

Thank you all for making this the best Lotusphere ever.  I enjoyed meeting so many of you in sessions, hallways, meals, etc.  I wish I could have talked with more of you...not exactly the best week to lose one's voice.  Still, we interacted -- via blogs and wikis, e-mails, and discussions, and will continue to do so for weeks to come.  (Aside on that -- Ambuj and Mike Rhodin both asked me to summarize some of the blogosphere Lotusphere buzz for them...they are paying attention).

In the coming days, I'll have several blog entries to dive deeper on the week that was here in Orlando.  For now, safe travels and recovery to all, and looking forward to a successful working relationship in 2005.

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