This has really been an incredible year for Lotus events worldwide, but especially in Europe.  We have had some incredible user group events that have invigorated or re-energized the community in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland, and other countries.  We saw Lotusphere Comes to You sell out in Paris, with over 600 attendees -- after the IBMers were told not to show up.  Ongoing organizations like DNUG in Germany have continued their success with conferences, training, and networking.  In short -- you couldn't help but see the momentum for Lotus in Europe.

On this US Thanksgiving eve, I am thankful for all of this activity.  But there is one more European user group event to add to the list.  I'm chatting right now on Skype with Giuseppe Grasso, who is showing me how great the Italian DominoPoint.IT event was two weeks ago.  Over 400 attendees -- a sellout crowd.  I've seen bits and pieces about the event on blogs from my colleagues and business partners, but there is something stunningly different about the visualization when you see this "social stripe" and the video of how it was made:

Lotus Knows 2009 has been great for user groups around the world.  Like in Europe, we had great success in the US, with new events like IamLUG, MWLUG, and TriStateLUG. brought an audience of over 600 to a webcast on Notes/Domino 8.5.1 -- a maintenance release!  A Canada-wide user group, with live and virtual meetings spread out coast-to-coast, was successful recently.  And outside of North America and Europe, we had incredible user group events in Japan, Australia, and many other markets.  In short, this feels to me like the best year ever for Lotus user groups.

I can't wait to get started with similar activities in 2010.  It looks like it is time to start booking some travel again, for me and for my team.  If you are looking for us to speak at an event, it's never too early to start planning -- but we love to do it, so please let me know.  On my own calendar, I have one more this year -- St Louis on December 9.  Then it's the march to Lotusphere, and onward from there.  Looking forward to seeing so many friends and familiar faces, soon.

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