Kevin Cavanaugh (VP Notes/Domino development) has asked me a few times to gauge the reaction to last week's Notes and Domino 8 beta 3 posting.  There hasn't been quite as much buzz as there was around the first public beta, just three months ago.  We've had about 15,000 downloads in the first week -- which is no slouch, but not a record-setter, either.

My first explanation to Kevin -- 250 of our most vocal community members were drinking Guinness in Dublin at the Irish Lotus User Group meeting.  Each came away with the beta 3 code, but y'all needed a few days to recover, perhaps.  I also speculated that the long weekend with a holiday in the US and several other countries probably had an impact.

But we're in the clear of both of those now.  If I were to summarize the feedback we've heard so far, it's that the performance of beta 3 vs. beta 2 is substantially better, seeming to exceed your expectations.  There has been positive feedback on some of the user interface fit and finish work evident in the new beta (and a couple of points where you're still looking for features).  Otherwise, I'm not yet seeing major themes, but maybe they will unfold in the next few days/weeks.

There has been a ton of activity on the internal IBM forums about beta 3.  I can't keep up with all the postings in our technology adoption program forums and other applications.  We're now over 32,000 Domino 8 users and somewhere north of 15,000 Notes 8 client users (labs and wider deployment) and accelerating.  Thank you to all my colleagues who are sharing their excitement.

Last, we've hit our internal feature freeze date, so from here on it, just about everything is bug fix work.  I feel good about our targets there -- I haven't had a single crash since moving to beta 3, and only a couple of bugs to report.  I've been told performance is continuing to improve in builds subsequent to beta 3.

So this is an open invitation, as was my prior post on beta 3 -- feedback would be great, here or in the forums, on what you've seen in this last beta.  References, too, are still most welcome and sought after.  And I'll keep you posted as we sprint to the finish line.

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