Bill Buchan was hired to consult with an organization about a Domino vs. Exchange decision, but unfortunately the decision was made before he arrived:

before I got there, they had decided (at a senior level) to go for Exchange for whatever reason. My input in this meeting was therefore somewhat diminished. (Its important to note that this discussion is not about this customer, but on the exchange/domino technical discussion)

However, listening to the discussion was fascinating.
Bill goes on to discuss some of the reasons given for why Exchange was chosen, but how some of the reasons were specious.
We as Domino consultants should keep hammering away at our customers, showing them at a business level why the two products are *not* the same. That our offering is far more capable, scalable, and business-centric.
The comments thread has some interesting insights, too.
Link: Bill Buchan: "Exchange is dead?" >

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