My colleague Bob noticed this announcement on the Blackberry web site...

Image:Blackberry Domino Application Awards

This challenge is designed for BlackBerry customers that have created their own custom BlackBerry applications utilizing the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution and accessing a Domino application. Show how your organization has integrated BlackBerry with application systems and demonstrate that having your corporate data wireless makes your mobile workers more productive.
Hey, the prize is a trip for two to a conference in Orlando, how cool!

Details on these awards can be found on the Blackberry website.

After a week and a half with my Pearl, I'm starting to grok the whole Blackberry thing.  Rocky reviewed his Pearl recently as well, so I won't cover the same ground.  My second round of observations:
  • The sound quality of the Pearl as a telephone is excellent.  It's the clearest-sounding phone I've owned.  The speakerphone works well, too.
  • For that matter, the camera takes decent pictures -- first phone I've had where that's the case.  Not throwing away the SLR anytime soon, but it's handy.
  • The UI is mostly intuitive...with the exception of some of the settings/preferences screens, everything else works pretty much the way I would expect.
  • I'm getting used to having my calendar with me at all times again -- it has been so long since I had a device that sync'd calendars, I had gotten used to writing down conference call information on post-it notes.  Glad to leave that bad habit behind.
  • There seem to be a few bugs in the software -- I'm at an almost-current release, and this stuff shouldn't be happening.  I had to take the battery out and reboot once on Monday when I couldn't answer a phone call.  It took about 10 minutes to get it to boot without an error.  I get java exception errors when coming out of lock mode occasionally.
  • There are hundreds of features I haven't even touched yet.

As for the "crackberry" effect, so far, I'm scoring an A- on avoiding it.  I did read a note from my boss during Sunday brunch that pissed me off -- I only looked because I still haven't found the magic setting that turns off the vibrate alert when I get new e-mail and leaves it only for new SMS.  I prefer to leave a phone in vibrate mode for incoming calls, so right now I have no way to distinguish calls from new e-mail.  Gotta fix that.  I've only typed out a few e-mails outgoing on the Pearl, and posted one comment on the blog.  And I've only had my wrist slapped once. :-)

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