At Lotusphere 2006, one of the big discussions at the birds-of-a-feather on blogging was, how do we best keep track of Notes/Domino-related bloggers?  Well, a simple short-term solution has been set up at  Laurette Rynne explains the site's inspiration:

Since Lotusphere there has been much discussion in the blogosphere regarding how to allow new Domino bloggers (or even non-bloggers) to find a voice within the community. It seems that everyone is struggling with how to keep up with reading existing known blogs, let alone finding an acknowledging new bloggers.

As a way to at least help people find new blogs is now here. We have now launched the first implementation of
While I appreciate some of the other efforts to aggregate, this seems like a simple way to start, and with a domain name that is  easy-to-remember (and promote).  So, blogging friends, please head on over to and register your site.

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