Blogging panel, BOF

January 25 2006

Yesterday afternoon, both the "Reach out and blog" panel and the Lotus blogging community birds-of-a-feather were held.  Interestingly, a few people live blogged the panel, but nobody covered the BoF.  I was told it was because there was no wifi in the room...perhaps some of you have heard of replication........

The BoF solidified one thing -- why I love my job.  This is my 8th Lotusphere on staff, and I've never felt more relaxed and comfortable -- with where IBM Lotus is at in the market, with the Notes/Domino products, with the community we've created.  

Now, there were several valid points during the BoF that the community seems a bit insular.  I'd say yes and no.  Gone are the days where we'd conga-line-blog -- ten people writing on exactly the same topic (conferences excepted, of course).  On the other hand, I do see the same names as constants commenting here and elsewhere.  This blog got almost 13,000 pageviews on Monday, but only 100 comments.  I'd like to find out more about what I can do to encourage more voices.  Laurette Rynne made a couple of very good points about time delay (she's down under in Oz) and comment volume -- that by the time that she sees a blog topic to comment on, everything that needs to be said has been said.  Still, I don't want an echo chamber -- I'd like to be challenged more, professionally, and be exposed to a broader array of topics.

It was great to see how comfortable the Lotus bloggers are with each other.  I consider many of you my friends, even though we mainly see each other infrequently at conferences.  The online presence, combined with instant messaging and e-mail, mean that I interact with many of you more often than other groups of friends who live within a few miles of home.  There were several wisecracks and in-jokes -- I hope that wasn't too important of a phone call, Greyhawk -- and in my own call back home last night, trying to explain about not wanting to lick the mic (Grey: "My name's mike") had me laughing for several minutes.

This morning features a customer meeting, "The Boss Loves Microsoft" with co-presenter Sara L Nagelvoort (the L is important) at 10 AM (in Dolphin N Hemi D&E), and "How to 'sell' Notes/Domino inside your organization" with co-presenter Libby Ingrassia at 1:30 in Dolphin S. Hemi III.  Then the family arrives in time for SeaWorld.  It's going to be a knock-out day.

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