This question came up at "Ask the developers" at Lotusphere 2010 and in a separate customer meeting I had during the week.  Customers want to know how to do charting in the Notes client.  This is one of the benefits of having moved the Notes client to Eclipse -- there are numerous tools, including the BIRT Eclipse plug-in and Dojo tools, to now easily do charting in Notes.

At the Meet the Developers session someone asked why there isn't charting tools "free" in the Notes client.  There actually is, as I have demonstrated integration with Notes views and Symphony in the past (video 1, video 2, video 3), however, there have recently been a lot of up-take using XPages and Dojo charting [Goes into details on both].  ... A third option, because Lotus Notes is Eclipse based, you can also use BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool).
In short, it looks like you have a few options to get free charting in Lotus Notes.  If you do not want to use Symphony, then XPages, Composite Applications, Dojo, or BIRT are alternatives.
Link: Bob Balfe: Free charting in Lotus Notes >

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