It's almost like sport, isn't it -- the fine art of dissecting spin.  IBM VP Bob Sutor has been getting a lot of practice lately.  At least we should all feel content that we've received sufficient on-the-job training for future careers in politics...

Yesterday, Sutor examined Microsoft's announcement around Open Document Format...
Microsoft press release: "Open XML and ODF were designed to meet very different customer requirements."
Sutor's repsonse: "Well, ODF was designed for people who use spreadsheets, word processors, and presentations. Open XML was designed for people who use Microsoft spreadsheets, word processors and presentations."  Classic.

Sutor makes the key point later in his entry:

This action by Microsoft is one in a long series of positive, momentum building events surrounding the OpenDocument Format and open standards in general. In my opinion, it is explicit recognition that open standards are the most important way of enabling software interoperability.

This all feels like deja vu all over again.  Hopefully it will shake out in favor of the customer.  In the meantime, I'm going to go back to exploring the ODF-compliant word processor, spreadsheet, and presentations tools that are part of the Notes "Hannover" pre-beta...

Link: Bob Sutor: Microsoft press release about ODF - it's a start, but quit the FUD >
Image:Bob Sutor: Microsoft press release about ODF - it´s a start, but quit the FUD

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