It looks like I'll be holding a team meeting for my little part of the IBM Lotus sales next week in Cambridge.  We talked amongst ourselves and thought of a novel idea for part of our agenda....invite a few customers to join us for lunch.  We're meeting in Cambridge... any Boston-area customers interested in joining us for lunch on Wednesday, August 6th?  There are three of us, so if we get three to five customers, that would turn out to be a pretty good use of our time.

Amongst the team, the products we cover include Notes/Domino products, Lotus Protector, Lotus Symphony, and Project "Atlantic".

Let me know!

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  1. 1  David Wilkerson |

    Hi Ed,

    I am sure that you will hear from several customers. That said, I think it a bit strange that you do not seem interested in business partners? Is partnering with IBM's Lotus brand a one way street? I thought that the big deal at Lotusphere over the last couple of years has been to work with the channel. Just curious. As always, I follow your blog 'devoutly'.

  1. 2  Ed Brill |

    David, I feel like partners have better access to me/my team than do customers. We might meet a partner three or four times a year (at events, user group meetings, etc) but see a customer only once. Hence the invite to customers first.

  1. 3  David Wilkerson |

    Fair enough, Ed.

  1. 4  Chad Loder  |


    We're a long-time Lotus Notes customer and our headquarters is in Boston (in Copley Square). If the lunch is still one, I'd love if the head of our I.T. department (who is responsible for our Notes infrastructure) could get together with you guys. What do you think?

  1. 5  Ed Brill |

    @4 I'll send you mail... we've got one seat left. Thanks!

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