An interesting and balanced viewpoint on Lotus Symphony, six months after its introduction.  Mike Rhodin is interviewed, and explains several of the reasons why Symphony is attractive to the marketplace now.  The article seems to convey that "time will tell", which is a fair view to take of Symphony at the moment.  I can tell you that Symphony is increasingly becoming a daily part of what we're talking to Notes customers about, especially now that there has been some training and provision of APIs and the like.

What I really like about the article is the comments from Mike Gotta of Burton:

Mike Gotta, a collaboration software analyst for Burton Group in Salt Lake City, said it will take years for Lotus's Symphony effort to make a dent with corporate users.

But he added that thanks to new products like Connections and Quickr, Lotus's overall product catalog is finally strong enough to allow the company go head to head with Microsoft in the collaboration market.

"All of a sudden," he said, "IBM's firing on all cylinders."
Link: Boston Globe: IBM's Lotus takes aim at Office market >

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