Press release coming in a little while, in the meantime there's this story...

Internet search provider Google Inc. is set to make a foray into corporate messaging search today when it unveils an alliance with IBM Lotus of Cambridge that will enable tens of millions of office workers using Lotus Notes software to search their e-mail, instant message threads, and nonLotus desktop files using a new Google product. ...
Sean Poulley, an IBM Lotus vice president of business development in Somers, N.Y., said the new Google enterprise product will be able to search Lotus Notes in-boxes and Lotus Sametime instant message threads that have been saved in Notes versions 6.5 and higher. Initially, at least, the Google tool won't be installed directly into Lotus Notes but will operate as a plug-in from a separate desktop searchbar.

The next release of Lotus Notes, version 7.0, is due out this summer or fall, and Poulley said there are ongoing discussions about extending the IBM-Google partnership. ''This is probably the beginning of a set of collaboration projects that we'll do together, not only in Notes but in our other workplace products as well," Poulley said yesterday.
Cool beans.

The Google search can search a local replica of a Notes mailbox.  It can also search Lotus Instant Messaging saved chats -- since they are saved as desktop text files.  In Notes 7, where the integrated instant messaging will save chat transcripts to a folder in Notes mail, those will be searchable as well.

As my colleague Sean Poulley mentions in the quote above, this is a first step release. Initially, it's in English, but French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages will be available from Google shortly after the initial release.

Link: Google moves to expand its search empire >

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