OK, I'm not sure why we don't have Brent Peters (VP Notes/Domino development) in PlanetLotus yet, but if you aren't reading him, you should be.  Brent has started posting direct and detailed answers on the questions asked at "ask the developers" at Lotusphere 2009.  This is commitment, this is public engagement, this is reality TV at its best.  

Let's take one of my favorite examples...Brent's response is is bold:

Question:  Best Lotusphere of all time.  Can we get Admin and designer for the Mac?  
Response:  Will you run a Designer on it? Based on user feedback, is the answer. We do not feel that this is a high priority from a business requirement. While we recognize that there are a small/med number of people that would truly love this effort, the cost of doing this is extremely expensive. DXL, is also expensive, not as much as Admin/Design on Mac. The cost of updates, fixes, testing, translation, ... on this new platform is a constant cost annuity that we are not yet willing to take, otherwise trading off some of the higher priority items even in this list. We are continuing to track this in the IdeaJam/Crowded Wisdom tools.
Question:  Can we get Admin & Designer on Linux?.  
Response:  Continue to work and look into it.  This is a significant effort. Brent->same as Mac
I'm sure Brent's answer on this one won't sit well -- we have a passionate crowd that wants these -- but as Brent said, this would be extremely expensive work.  Admin for Mac or Linux especially is not going to drive incremental sales of Domino, period....sorry.  Designer is somewhat more interesting, so as Brent says, we'll continue to track.

Anyway, I picked a provocative example.  You should go read all of his responses, knowing that Brent has started a real dialogue.  And you'll find out when the LSX Toolkit is finally going to be updated.

Link: Brent Peters: Meet the Developers (Ask the Developers) - "What gets measured, gets done!". Honest answers from BDK, some there, others still to come. >

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