Bruce kicked off a good discussion yesterday on the ISV market for Notes/Domino:

Now if we turn our attention to "applications" such as help desk, ISO compliance, CRM etc. how many companies are purchasing these types of applications from ISV's? It seems from the discussions I have been having with many of you off-line that companies would rather have their development staff build these types of applications rather than purchase them.

So what advice would you give to a company looking to get into the business of building vertical applications for Lotus Notes and Domino? Do you believe that the "Composite Application" features coming in Notes 8 will open up new opportunities for ISV's? What do you think?
Interesting discussion, and timely as we head into Notes/Domino 8 launch.  I know the ISV team has been working with a number of organizations on both updates to existing Notes applications as well as new ones that take advantage of the composite applications framework, the Eclipse client platform, or web services.  I believe these all open up new opportunities with Notes/Domino 8...but I also believe it will take time for the market-at-large to exploit these benefits of the new release.

Link: Bruce Elgort: The State of the Lotus ISV >

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