Bruce reports on the initial impact of 12 pilot users using Apple iPhone 2.0 and Exchange ActiveSync in his work environment:

With only a dozen pilot users testing out iPhone 2.0 with Exchange we have put an emergency stoppage to our testing due to the fact that our T1 connecting our Exchange 2003 and Outlook Web Access Server has become saturated.
I want to make it really really clear -- I like the iPhone.  My wife is at the Apple store right now getting one.  I'd like to be able to use one with my work e-mail.  

With iNotes (nee Domino Web Access) 8.0.2 coming next month, I can use the ultralite mode to access mail, calendar, contacts, all without having to load anything on the iPhone.  It works now, just use as your beta test site for the new iNotes, as someone showed me last night in the IBM São Paulo office.  And if you need to sync, Paul Mooney covers ways you can do that now.  I talked to a customer yesterday where iPhone + Notes is a high priority, and they were perfectly fine with the iNotes approach.  So are the 50+ of you who have asked for 8.0.2 beta access specifically for this purpose.

There are anecdotal reports that iPhone battery life is drained when using push mail and Exchange, and unlike a Blackberry, you can't exactly pop another battery into the back and keep going.  There are suggestions on numerous websites that the way to extend the battery is to shut down 3G, shut down push mail, shut down wifi, whatever.  What's the point, then?  

My point is, this has to be an eyes-wide-open process.   Shiny new objects are fun, and the Blackberry was the same way a few years back.  IT discipline has to enter the equation, though, and determine the right way to support this both immediately and for the long-term.  That's true for us as a vendor as well, hence why iNotes is coming next month.

Link: Bruce Elgort: We have stopped our iPhone/Exchange pilot  >

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