Well now we know -- advertise it as a five day conference, and people will plan to attend all five days.  WOW.  We had full jumpstarts, lines for hands-on labs that stetched out the door, and 250% of projected stomachs eating lunch in the Dolphin.

So there's lots of people here -- in fact, we had another huge chunk of registrants at the last minute, so that there are now a LOT more people here than any of the last five.  Presumably you'll hear a number at some point, but it's enough that I advise you to get there early for sessions you want to attend.  That includes the opening general session -- it WILL overflow to the Swan Ballroom, and that's even with sending all IBMers and product showcase vendors over there in advance.

The content team is already working on scheduling additional repeats -- we saved some big rooms at the end of the conference for just such a purpose -- but I'm sure we'll still see a bit of frustration on this front.  Thanks for your patience...as I told the content team, ultimately, this is a good problem to have.

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