Still catching a lot of good Lotusphere-related debriefs and summaries in the blogosphere.  Burton Group's Craig Roth had a good summary of his visit to the Innovations Lab, where he saw "Bluegrass", the contextual portal, and the Real-Time Translation Service...

I thought the coolest thing I saw in the Lab was the Real-Time Translation Service.  There were a number of demonstrations of IBM's various forays into translation ... The speech to speech translation was very good.  Well, I guess I can't judge how good considering I don't speak Arabic, but from the textual translation on the screen it seemed to be picking up the spoken English very well.  He spoke English into the microphone and a few seconds later smooth-sounding Arabic came out the speaker.
That page is a good jumping-off point for other postings Craig made during/about Lotusphere.

Link: Burton Group Collaboration and Content Strategies blog: Lotusphere 2008 - Innovation Lab >

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