The lead designer for Lotus Notes "Hannover" (I'm not mentioning their name on the blog, to keep the recruiters away ;), writes:

As part of the Hannover release of the Notes client, we are looking for HUNDREDS of BUSINESS END USERS to participate in usability tests.
Can you please "blog a request" for your readers to send my request below out to their "constituent" business end users?

While technically-savvy people are very important to us, for these usability tests we are VERY SPECIFICALLY looking for business professionals (accountants,  managers,  Administrative Assistants, etc.) who are NOT developers or system administrators.

Point your browser to  to read descriptions about the usability studies and choose the Sign Up link to be contacted.

This is a great opportunity -- there are obviously opinionated end-users using Notes in many many organizations.  This would be a great way to get them involved in building a great next version of the product.

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