Business Week writes on the opening day of Macworld....

Apple's share of the U.S. PC market jumped to 5.8% in the quarter that ended in September, when it sold 935,000 Macs, according to research firm Interactive Data (IDC). That's 30% higher than the same period in 2005, when Apple sold 737,000 Macs, and compares with a global growth rate of 7.9%. The share performance placed Apple only slightly behind Gateway (GTW) in the U.S.--though it's still well behind Dell (DELL) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ).

Lotus Notes, Bisconti says, is second only to Microsoft Office as the most widely used software in big corporations. The software is used by 127 million people at 62,000 sites globally. And at 80% of those sites, a portion of Lotus users are running the Mac version, he says.  "It tracks pretty closely to the Mac's overall PC market share, at about 4% to 5%," he says. "But that's still a lot of Macs."
Not just talk...I had a good meeting with Apple last week, and the release of Notes 7.0.2 for the Mac has certainly gotten a lot of attention in the last few weeks.

Link: Business Week: Companies Embrace the Mac--Slowly >

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