Butler Group's weblog takes a look at MIcrosoft's "redbull" efforts on Notes migrations:

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) is, all too frequently in the IT world, part of a marketer's armoury, and well ahead pre-announcements of software are not uncommon from Microsoft. However, to announce and then 'lose' a product supposedly in Beta reflects badly on the industry as a whole.

Whilst Microsoft's announcement may have been designed as a red flag to the IBM Lotus bull, the perception of bull that it leaves may make those considering migrating see red.
Still,  Butler's entry has cause for pause for me -- they indicate that somewhere around 10% of the customers they surveyed are planning to migrate away from Notes.  More work to do.

Link: Butler Group: Red herring and bull? > (Note that the permalink takes you to a plain text web page...the top level URL shows the full weblog)

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