My colleague Susan Bulloch and I recently discussed an interesting customer situation.  The users in that environment were familiar with Outlook, and in working with Notes, had different expectations about booking conference rooms.  Their usage pattern was such that they booked repeating meetings -- and the conference rooms used for them -- to infinity.  While you can do this in Notes, it's not considered a best practice.  Susan told me why most companies implement a time limit -- something like 90 or 365 days.

"This ability was requested by virtually every existing large customer to keep individuals from booking rooms forever. This practice [booking rooms forever] almost always results in rooms being booked 'just in case' and going unused."
I never really thought about this before.  We definitely ran into this in "old Lotus" days, where certain buildings had insufficent conference room space -- yet we often found those rooms empty.

I've been working with online calendaring & scheduling since 1993 -- At US Robotics, I deployed Lotus Organizer 1.1 alongside our cc:Mail environment.   And what I've learned in thirteen years is that calendaring is an area where you see very acute differences between company usage patterns and cultures.

How do you handle rooms&resources reservations from a long-term perspective?

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