Can we get to 300?

August 12 2008

The community-organized Yellow Day earlier this week drew my attention to the volume of participation we have online in the Lotus community.  

As Nathan reported, YellowDay was a success, with 109 blog posts during the day and 50% more PlanetLotus clickthroughs than the prior Monday.  For something put together by a few people, purely online, with very short notice, it was great to see the participation.

One thing I noticed is that the blog counter in the upper left on is now showing 274.  There's been a slight increase in the number of Lotus-related blogs in the last few months, but I wonder if there could be even more.  

Image:Can we get to 300?

It has been a while since the community encouraged additional voices.  A lot of you have asked me and others, is there room for yet another blog about Lotus software?  And the answer is, definitively, yes.  We still have many more developers blogging versus admins; actual techie topics have dropped off quite a bit.  I'd love to see someone blog the chronology of their upgrade to Notes/Domino 8.x, or a deployment of Lotus Connections.  A few new focused blogs have cropped up, on topics like Lotus Foundations; I'm sure there could be more on things like Xpages in Domino 8.5 (what do you think, Sam?).  Don't assume you have nothing new to any community or group, there's turnover as people's jobs or interests change.  Set yourself a goal, a topic area or areas, and blog away!

If you start a new blog, be sure to add yourself on PlanetLotus.  I'm sure you'll be welcomed warmly.

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