Carol Jones is an IBM colleague in the CTO's office for Workplace, Portal, Collaboration, and she blogs:

We've been experimenting in the lab with ways to generate feeds (meaning Atom or RSS) from Domino, and speculating about how such feeds might be used. ...If we did this, what use cases would be interesting?
Now, Carol and I have had conversations about Domino and RSS, and I know she and the engineering team have spent the last few months looking at this.  So while I'm a little surprised at the conservative tone about this topic that she's struck (which, to at least one reader, made it sound like we'd never heard of RSS before), I'm quite pleased to see her describing the research on her blog.

You'll be hearing more about this, but in the meantime, go answer her question.

Link: Carol Jones: Feeds from Domino >

Updated: My word choice was poor in this post.  My point is, IBM gets RSS and these other technologies -- look at the Lotusphere agenda and you'll see several sessions on "social software".  I'm glad to see Carol blogging about this -- because I think IBM needs to be more vocal about what's already been done in this space and future intentions.

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