Change of scenery

November 1 2006

It was about 20 degrees celsius when I awoke in Rome 24 hours ago... now....

Park Inn Hogbo Brukshotell snow

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  1. 1  Bill Geimer  |

    Its expected to be about 24 F tonight back home, but no precip. in the forecast. It should warm up gradually for the rest of the week. Sorry if you missed the 70 F yesterday.

  1. 2  Henry Ferlauto |

    Say hello to my favorite muppet, the Sweedish Chef.

    Bork! Bork! Bork!

    Did you know that's actually the name for an extension for Firefox?

    If you really want to mess with someone's head, load this extension while they're not looking. The Help Desk will be confused for days on end. :)

  1. 3  Gerco Wolfswinkel |

    Did you bring your winter clothing? Or it's going to be a cold day!

  1. 4  Ed Brill |

    @3 - I was prepared for cold with a wool coat and gloves, along with a new scarf from Italy. No hat, though. And absolutely no idea that I would be staying in a cottage room in this hotel, and need to be shovelled out this morning.

  1. 5  Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen  |

    Welcome to Scandinavia, Ed. Great photo! Are you sure about working for IBM? I think you could have a nice career as a photographer!

  1. 6  Ed Brill |

    @5 thank you. I've just given you another view, now in the morning light...

    { Link }

  1. 7  Tomas Ekström  |

    I know how you feel. I live not far away from your hotel. Still you didn't have to plunge your way throw the snow and free your garage to be able to take your kids to kindergarten and go to work. I hope you got picked up ;-) It took me 1,5h. Still my kids love it (and I do to), wouldn't want to change it for Germany where I have lived the last 12 years. Would be nice to meet you. If you don't know what to do tonight and if you still are in Sandviken/Högbo, send me a mail ;-)

    I'm a notes developer and instructor working for the company you visited today and a blog-fan of your’s. I know you have a lot to do, but if I hadn’t asked I would regret it for the rest of my life ;-)

  1. 8  Ed Brill |

    Thanks for that -- unfortunately I am back to Arlanda later this afternoon... See you next time :-)

  1. 9  Roberto Boccadoro  |

    Now you know Ed :-) I am pretty sure we can find an office for you here....:-)


  1. 10  Brian Benz |

    Looks like fun - I love seeing weather like this - especially when I know I can leave it and come back to the desert....:)

    One thing - I assume that sometime today they will wipe those bikes off and ride them....unthinkable in the USA...

  1. 11  Bill Geimer  |

    @4 - I saw the news this week about Michael Dell buying majority interest in a San Fernando landscaping and maintenance company. I had no idea IBM was ahead of that unusual developement in the technology world. Hope you brought your shovel with. (I am sure there is a joke in that last line, but it escapes me.)

  1. 12  Charles Robinson |

    What's all that white stuff? { Link } ;-)

  1. 13  Keith Brooks |

    Ed, you got to come back to Miami, ain't no winter here!

    Orlando isn't the same, but at least you'll be there in January instead of the north.

  1. 14  Ed Brill |

    You guys understand I'm not at home....this is from a customer visit earlier today. What a journey....

  1. 15  Charles Robinson |

    Yeah, I know, I'm just commenting that I haven't seen snow where I live in... umm... ever. :-D

  1. 16  Mathias Persson  |

    I hope you got safely back to Arlanda! I saw on the news that the nasty weather has reached Stockholm now.

  1. 17  Lance Spellman |

    Your bike pictures reminded me of a scene when I was in Eindhoven a few weeks ago. It was lightly raining that morning but of course there were still a lot of people riding their bikes to work.

    (So, there's 2 major differences from the states right there...riding a bike to work at all, riding it in the rain).

    I'm mildly impressed when I see this.

    Then I see a few people riding their bikes while holding an umbrella with one hand. Ok, now I'm more impressed.

    Then I see a guy riding his bike with one hand on the handlebar holding an umbrella, and with his other hand, holding the handlebar of a second riderless bike, presumably delivering it to a spouse, girlfriend, etc...

    That was damn impressive. Wish I'd had my camera.

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