A lot of press coverage of yesterday's IBM Lotus Sametime event.  Adam Gartenberg has blogged several entries about it, including some discussion of some of the messages.  Here's ChannelWeb:

IBM said on Monday it will invest $1 billion dollars into its unified communications initiatives in a bid to come out ahead of chief rival Microsoft as the leader in software-based UC, a market IBM executives called a "two-horse race between IBM and Microsoft." ...

According to Steve Mills, senior vice president of IBM's software group, IBM will invest heavily in research and development, fueling a host of new products to expand the company's UC portfolio, mainly around Lotus Sametime. The investment will also help build out IBM's services and consulting practices in the UC space.
Link: ChannelWeb: IBM Bulks UC Investment To Take On Microsoft >

Related to this post:
A follow-up on last week's "You're so fired" video posting.  The intended messages for that video are: IBM has a UC strategy, we don't require ripping and replacing, we partner with the telephony vendors you have already invested with.  The audience is intended to be more of a traditional telephony market space, where awareness of IBM Lotus may not be as high.  Also, "you're so fired!" is actually the shortcut to a new telephony manager-focused page on the Sametime product website.  Lots of eyes on the comments on the viral video, and thanks to all who provided some perspective and thoughts.  Right now, 2200 views of that video, only about 1000 came from blogger clickthroughs, so I'm thinking that video did indeed grow some "viral" legs.

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