Great news for Lotus Symphony!

ChannelWeb says that Lotus Symphony is the winner for 2008 Product of the Year in the "Desktop Application" category.  They write:
Lotus Symphony acts much like Microsoft Office, which is good if you are looking for something to replace Office at a fraction of the cost (free!). It's not so good if you are looking for something entirely different from Office, but there aren't many free suites that accomplish that yet.  ....

The Office 2007 installation here at the Test Center by default saves documents in the Office 97-2003 format (in the interest of backward-compatibility) so there were no problems editing files created in Symphony under Office 2007, or vice versa. The Test Center found Symphony a snap to use, and switching to Symphony after years of using Microsoft Office was painless.
Great to see the recognition of the work the Symphony team has put in during 2008 to ship three releases (1.0, 1.1, 1.2), translate to 28 languages, and support millions of downloads during the year.  Congratulations to the team!
Image:ChannelWeb names Lotus Symphony among 2008 Products of the Year

Link: ChannelWeb: The Best Products of 2008 >

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