Charles recently started blogging, and one of his first entries explains his passion around Domino:

As my applications became more complex I started hitting walls. Debugging Lotus Connectors was difficult and frustrating, and the documentation was atrocious. New features in Domino, such as policies and remote debugging, simply did not work. Clustering Domino servers across multiple platforms required lots of workarounds that you only found by trial and error. I grew to loathe Domino Designer and it's bizarre property window, code stuffed everywhere and the half-baked classes implementation.

So off I went to find the new new thing, something that offered everything Domino had without all the annoying bits. In my quest I tried out MS Access 2003, C#, VB.Net, J2EE, and Ruby on Rails. Broadening the scope I worked with LAMP, OpenACS, Zope/Plone, and Puakma. Most recently I tried out SharePoint Portal 2007 and Exchange 2007. I never found anything that could reach the bar set by Notes and Domino.  ...

For all it's knobby warts, I truly do love Notes and Domino. I see in Hannover an opportunity for IBM to finally get it right. The criticisms I voice stem from an intense desire to silence the naysayers.
There's no doubt about it  -- Charles is direct in his comments, on the blogs and in the e-mails we've exchanged.  I respect that, from him or anyone -- as long as it doesn't cross the line into personal attacks.  Besides, this kind of passion is what defines the Notes community.

Link: Charles Robinson: My love/hate relationship with Domino >

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