Charles evaluates his transition to using Outlook 2003 versus his experiences in Notes.  It's a useful analysis, both of things right and things wrong.  But one sentence actually captures it all:

The lack of options in Outlook means people can't get confused as easily.
For example, I've heard complaints for years about the dialog box that Notes offers when you double-click on an attachment.  What's with all this open / edit / view stuff, I just want to open my attachment!  Nevermind that I could right-click and choose exactly what I want to do, no dialog box needed.  In Outlook, no option given -- double-click the attachment and it's open, that's it.  Does Outlook even provide a way to view a non-MS-formatted document without Office installed?

I've been trying this week to think about what are those other usability points that Outlook users cling to as being superior in Outlook.  Being able to forward an e-mail as an attachment (which, as Charles points out, isn't really an option -- it either is or isn't) is one.  Presumably there are others.  But, also as Charles points out, there are plenty of Notes features, some that have been in for many releases, which aren't in Outlook.  Do former Notes users give their IT departments grief in that direction?

Link: Charles Robinson: Outlook vs Notes >

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