Missed it the first time around?  Working with IBM business partner Optimus Solutions, we're taking another run at Lotusphere Comes to You here in the Chicago area.  The event will be held on Tuesday, June 19, at the Optimus offices in Schaumburg.  I'm covering the keynote, while Optimus staff takes you through the breakout session content.  Optimus is also hosting two other LCTY updates, in Atlanta and Tampa, featuring my colleagues Bob Bry and Kim Artlip.

Details on the event can be found on the Optimus website -- LCTY page >

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  1. 1  Kenny Smith http://thejavablues.blogspot.com |

    Hi Ed. Would you mind poking the marketing folks in the side and asking them to update their website for the LCTY? None of Optimus Solutions' three events are listed on the site, including the one you will be speaking at.

    { Link }

    Many thanks! See you in Chicago (I'll be presenting as well).

    Kenny Smith - Optimus Solutions

  1. 2  Karl-Henry Martinsson  |

    I have an idea where the Wednesday night party at Lotusphere 2010 might be:

    { Link }

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