If you have followed my blog or other online presence for a while, you know this is a pet topic/peeve of mine...

Chicago has miles to go before it is understood, appreciated and visited more frequently by overseas travelers. That much was clear in the spring sunshine here in this European capital as officials from Chicago arrived to boost the Windy City's image before hosting the NATO summit in May.

Conversations with international tourists in Brussels revealed little awareness of Chicago beyond the legends of Al Capone, Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey. ...

Chicago is beginning to pull out of a swoon but continues to attract only about 4.4 percent of visitors to the U.S. overall, to rank No. 7 last year.
It sounds like Mayor Emmanuel and Governor Quinn are committed to doing something about this. I'm not sure what we are doing wrong; right now it is 24oC and the trees and flowers are already blooming. Some of the best restaurants in the country and world are here; there were six Chicago chefs on the most recent season of Top Chef in the US. We have amazing museums, shopping, and open space. The lakefront is accessible. The hotels are affordable and high-caliber. Countryside is less than an hour away from the city, and in two hours time you can be in the quiet lakes of southern Wisconsin.

Come visit. You all say "oh, I've been through that airport" with a knowing look.... so get out of the airport. You'll like it.

Link: Chicago Tribune: Conversations with tourists in Brussels show little awareness of Chicago >

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