Remember that whole Comcast blocks Notes thing?  Well, Lotus Notes was a collateral victim of technology and policy that Comcast was using to "manage" their network traffic.

Yesterday, the US FCC ruled, in a 3-2 vote, that Comcast did a bad thing.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said Friday that Comcast went too far, targeting specific file-sharing applications, delaying downloads and blocking uploads at all hours, even when network congestion was low.

Martin, a Republican who sided with the commission's two Democrats in the ruling, reprimanded Comcast for "making affected users think there was a problem with their Internet connection or the application. Today, the commission tells Comcast to stop."
There was no actual penalty or fine for Comcast after this ruling, but at least the slap on the wrist was public.  And this quote from Martin is really the point.  When Kevin Kanarski first contacted me about this issue, I found it far-fetched to think that somehow the network provider was involved in some timeout and connection reset issues.  In the end it turned out this was really happening, and the worst of it was that Notes users thought it was a Notes problem.  So, even without a fine, I am hopeful that the FCC's action yesterday sent the message: don't do that -- to Notes or to anything else!

Link: Chicago Tribune: FCC rules against Comcast >

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