Reading Chicago Tribune coverage almost makes me homesick.... LOL

When IBM introduced a version of Lotus Notes that runs on the desktop computers using the Linux operating system this month, it was a sign of confidence that open-source software is gaining market traction.

Lotus Notes, the popular collaboration and e-mail software, has operated on Windows machines for 16 years and Apple's Mac computers for more than a decade, said Ed Brill, IBM's Chicago-based Lotus strategy executive.
I found this observation interesting:
No one expects Linux to make a big dent in Microsoft's dominance in desktop operating systems, but trends that suggest Linux will enjoy "a gentle adoption curve," said Patrick Kerpan, a founder of the Chicago software start-up CohesiveFT.

About one-third of today's workforce has been using computers since childhood, Kerpan noted, and they are more comfortable moving from one computer interface to another than older workers may be.

"They use cell phones, iPods, X-Boxes and on and on," he said. "Each machine has a different interface, and they don't care. They just tear into them."
I think this is a very insightful comment...each of those UIs has its own characteristics, but we all float in and out of a number of different usability experiences throughout our days.

Link: Chicago Tribune: Linux gains traction in software market >

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