Chris Miller was real-time blogging during the Admin2005 Europe keynote:

Domino 7 was a large launch that is being watched because most everyone goes with the old mantra "Don't install a .0 release".  Well, that is a load of crap for Domino 7.  Move those servers up for performance reasons alone, the clients can come in time.  Lotus is showing the world steady growth, seamless upgrades with a new standard installer for all platforms and continued development for the product line.  NO rip and replace, and immediate benefit from scaling and functionality.
He also covered my colleague Uffe Sorensen's presentation on Workplace and the Workplace Managed Client.

Oops, here's the link at Chris's site.

I'll be back at Admin2005 Europe tomorrow for a deeper dive on Notes/Domino 7 as well as beat the experts.

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