Lotus product manager Chris Reckling has a comprehensive writeup on Maureen Leland's session at DNUG/ILTF earlier this week.  Chris says:

We'll already have Workplace Designer, Forms Designer, Portlet Factory, and Rational App Developer in Eclipse...so, the obvious thing to do would be to also evolve Domino Designer into the Eclipse platform. This means that the current Domino Designer design element "editors" (Form, View, Agent, etc) can be rendered inside of an Eclipse perspective. In fact, she started with the same plugin that the Notes client uses to re-parent inside of the Workplace Managed Client today. We have been discussing this for a few months and support within Lotus is there to do it - plus, Maureen has a good idea of HOW to do it, which always helps. (Executives Kevin Cavanaugh and Jim Russell were on hand at the DNUG session to gauge reaction - I'd say it was very exciting, even applause.)

So, what we will have is the power of Eclipse as a development platform applied to advancing the Domino Designer development environment.
Chris also posts a screen shot (often-requested this week) and an FAQ.  And remember, he's a product manager, so post away with your questions...

Link: Chris Reckling: DNUG Domino Designer 7 plus Eclipse >

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