Chris Byrne wonders what's going on with all of IBM's interest in the Lotus blogging community:

Is your blog for sale? This is a completely philosophical question that has come to mind the past few days.IBM, recognizing the visibility and importance of blogs in the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Community, has been, for the first time in my memory (with the exception of Ed Brill), been actively seeking participation from the non-IBM blogging community. First, there is the invitation-only, "blogger press conference" at Lotusphere 2007. This is actually a very cool thing, as it recognizes the impact the blogs have on the community. Of course, they may get more than they bargained for with Mr. Weber in the room. The again, if they make a big mention/push of Second Life in the opening session, they might want to take back my invitation.
and then in the comments, Declan Lynch writes:
the concept of tagging all blog entries with a Lotusphere2007 tag ( no space ) so that industry press can be pointed to that tag can work both ways for IBM and they know it.
That's true for all of the activities Chris mentions.  The list of Lotus community bloggers invited to the "blogger press conference" was compiled by Alan Lepofsky and me, working with the Lotus PR team.  It should be noted that while not all "Lotus bloggers" were included, we did not discriminate critics vs. fanboys.  As Chris mentions, I am expecting a rather lively discussion there, just as I am with the customer roundtable on Notes/Domino 8 that I am running on Tuesday morning, or the blogging BoF that I'm facilitating on Thursday morning.

This isn't entirely new territory.  For the closing at Lotusphere 2006, I gathered a number of blogger quotes that were highlighted on the big screen and in the closing comments.  Blogger comments on Lotus often get visibility all the way up the chain, and we've already seen that hundreds of IBMers read this blog and others -- especially during Lotusphere.

I'm looking forward to how the community plays into Lotusphere next week -- in many different dimensions.

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